Full-Stack Design Leader & Futurist

Designer. Facilitator. Strategist. 

I have been a Visual & UX Designer since 2001 and have experience designing across a variety of devices and platforms including non-profit, retail, advertising, and enterprise software organizations. In the early 2000’s I operated my own digital consultancy working with clients in the music industry in Washington, DC. I’ve worked as an in-house product designer, consultant, art director, and strategist. Today, I am a Digital Expert /  Experience Design Director at McKinsey & Company in San Francisco,CA helping transform businesses by implementing design thinking / agile methodologies and helping them build and develop new digital tools.

Public Speaker and Advocate of The Future.

I have spoken and taught workshops around the world on topics including design facilitation, digital innovation and transformation, and speculative design—delivering powerful statements about the importance of design and strategy to shape the future of society and businesses. I am also the founder and president of The Design Futures Initiative, a 501c3 nonprofit in San Francisco, CA. We are the organizers of the International Speculative Futures meetups  and PRIMER conferences in the US and EU. An educator and futurist, my events and workshops bring together designers and futurists from all over the world to teach and speak about strategies for designing for the future and the ethical challenges around emerging technologies.

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Speaking Experience
UX Philippines 2020
IFTF Ten Year Forecast Summit 2020
Heads of Design 2020
Design Caucus 2020
SF Design Week 2020
24Hours of UX
Global Foresight Summit 2020
DES 2020
PUSH Conference 2019
Mobile UX London 2019
Design is [Speculative] @Google Design
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1:1 Encuentro Internacional de Industrias Creativas
Midwest UX 2017
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Accenture: Nordic High Performance Business Forum—From Fragile to Agile. Fast
SXSW 2017
Midwest UX 16
UX New Zealand
Better by Design 2016
UX Chicago Camps
SXSW 2016
Midwest UX 2015
SFIoT Unconference 2014

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