Full-Stack Design Leader & Futurist

As a full-stack designer and leader I participate at every part of the design process from pre-sales, business/product/UX strategy, conducting research, concept design and development, prototype and validation and quality assurance. I have a range of experience formalized in both visual design and user experience from a variety of applications and industries from entertainment and retail to B2B solutions.

I lead and educate in skills and methods for facilitation so that our designers can be better communicators and leaders as we engage the new businesses and industrial domains. I have strong interests in synthesis methods including the use of speculative design and co-creation to illicit more creative exploration of ideas in the corporate world. In the past 4.5 years, I’ve helped build capabilities and a team within GE and identified opportunities for improvement to transform the 125yr old company into a modern digital and design-centered organization. We’ve evangelized design thinking, but also continued to evolve how it’s applied and practiced in a large corporate environment and developed new ways to educate and train customers and industries in lean, agile, and UX principles.