Full-Stack Design Leader & Futurist
Design Leader. Strategist. Facilitator.

I have been a Visual & UX Designer since 2001 and have experience designing across a variety of devices, platforms and sectors including aviation, airlines, utilities, retail, advertising, and B2B/B2C software organizations. In the early 2000’s I operated my own digital consultancy working with clients in the music industry in Washington, DC. I have served as a Design Director for GE (General Electric) Aviation’s Digital Innovation group building out their Design Thinking team and capability and most recently I was an Experience Design Director for McKinsey & Company (McKinsey Design).  I’ve worked in and around Silicon Valley as an in-house product designer, consultant, art director, and strategist helping organizations transform by building design operations and capabilities and helping them design and launch digital tools. I’m also a futurist and product/business strategist and use Strategic Foresight and Speculative Design as frameworks for understanding the challenges and opportunities of the near and far future. I am also a seasoned workshop designer and facilitator and built a training program for facilitators at McKinsey as well as conducted workshops at conferences and companies around the world.

Public Speaker. Futurist. 

I have spoken and taught workshops around the world on topics including design facilitation, digital innovation and transformation, speculative design, and the design of policies—delivering powerful statements about the importance of Design and Strategy to shape the future of society and businesses. I am also the founder and president of The Design Futures Initiative, a 501c3 nonprofit in San Francisco, CA. We are the organizers of the International Speculative Futures meetups in over 60 cities and the PRIMER conferences in the US and EU. Futures is my other passion so if you work with me you will likely hear me talk about this topic a lot. If you’d like to know more about Futures and Speculative Design, check out my talk at Google.

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